2022 Partners

Kita Food Festival 2022 was made possible with the help of our fantastic partners.

Hong Leong Bank

Hong Leong Bank Malaysia offers a host of personal financing products and services ranging from loans, credit cards, online banking, mobile banking and more.

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the national carrier of Malaysia and Kita’s official airline partner. It carries up to 40,000 guests daily on memorable journeys to, from and around Malaysia offering a peak into Malaysia’s diverse traditions, cultures and cuisine with inimitable Malaysian hospitality across all customer touch points.


With Audi, Kita’s official automobile partner, the future is an attitude. Known for its effortless technology, performance and trendsetting yet elegant design, Audi is a step into a new class of luxury, all while enjoying power and efficiency in perfect harmony behind the wheel.

Legle Porcelain

Legle Porcelain is an exceptional producer of contemporary porcelain tableware and teaware. Its range of over 25 colours of high melting glazes and unique formulation has been perfected over more than 50 years.


Kita’s official booking partner, FunNow is an instant booking platform for all things entertainment and leisure all over the Asia Pacific. FunNow connects vendors to consumers for on-demand access to activities, experiences, getaways and events across the region.


Kuala Lumpur’s latest hotel destination Else is a globally-connected, locally-rooted beacon for the burgeoning cultural scene in downtown Kuala Lumpur providing mindful hospitality to serve the conscious traveller, facilitating more profound and more meaningful connections through curated experiences and content.

The Datai Langkawi

One of Kita’s official hotel partners, The Datai Langkawi is a 5-star beach resort with nature, sustainability, wellness and fine dining at its core. It is situated amidst the lush tropical rainforest and pristine Datai Bay in Langkawi; the perfect setting to nurture discerning weary travellers.

The Edison George Town

A meticulously restored Colonial mansion set in the heart of historical George Town, The Edison George Town is a lifestyle hotel that combines luxurious comfort and gracious hospitality for a truly exceptional experience.

W Kuala Lumpur

Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, W Kuala Lumpur offers accommodations within the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur's city centre. It features lively décor and rooms open to views of the city and the Petronas Twin Towers.

Tiffin At The Yard

KL’s culinary playground, Tiffin At The Yard, is pushing F&B boundaries in a reimagined, elevated urban food court that showcases new and exciting foodie experiences. With over 15 different concepts, pop-up dining, as well as cocktail, wine and beer bars, artisanal food markets and thematic events in a vibrant setting, Tiffin At The Yard is a culinary adventure for those who love to indulge in music, food, drinks and art.

Artisan's Playground

Artisan's Playground is built for skilled chefs and equipped with cooking tools made by the world's best craftsmen to create the best culinary experience for diners.

Travel + Leisure

Kita’s official travel magazine partner, Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia is the authoritative travel and lifestyle publication in the region. This upscale, in-the-know brand offers vibrant insider intel, vivid narratives and comprehensive travel information to sophisticated travellers throughout Asia Pacific and beyond.

The Yum List

Based in Malaysia and curated by Monica Tindall, The Yum List is a quick resource of the best food, travel and fun around the world. As Kita’s favourite F&B blog partner, The Yum List especially celebrates sustainable, local produce and socially responsible practices such as reducing waste and upcycling.


Professional chefs from all over the world love Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer’s premium German cooking technology. Specialists in professional thermal cooking equipment, MKN focuses on making life in the kitchen easier and more efficient, be it for chef or cook.

Penang Global Tourism

Set up to promote, market and generate tourism for the Penang State in Malaysia, Penang Global Tourism is a  tourism bureau which serves as a focal point for coordinating all tourism activities with tourism industry players, both locally and abroad.

Lang Biru Fisheries

One of Malaysia’s finest aquaculture businesses, Lang Biru Fisheries is based in the clean waters of the Langkawi islands. It specialises in growing different types of Grouper in fingerling hatcheries with its own organic fish food production line.

Secai Marche

Secai Marche is a Japanese/Malaysian Farm-Direct online platform which currently connects small scale farmers from Malaysia and Japan to consumers in Kuala Lumpur. The company’s aim is to help small-scale farms to become more economical, viable and sustainable by giving them direct access to hotels and restaurants as well as household cooks.

Kitchen Inc

Kitchen Inc is a kitchen specialist that specialises in innovative solutions for high-performance kitchens, kitchens that portray the proprietors' needs and values. They create stunning kitchen experiences that help businesses stand out.


Inspired by Master Chef Tsutomo Furukawa, the tansho is a Japanese fire brick charcoal grill. Built with passion and very versatile, it is able to handle everything from Yakitori to Unagi, French to Italian to Nordic and molecular cuisine, searing, smoking and grilling at high temperatures and other unique techniques to bring out the best flavours from every ingredient.


Beyond a 100% compostable packaging company, Circlepac stays committed to boasting clients' brand stories for the environment through the art and education of sustainable packaging. Established during MCO 1.0 in July 2020, Circlepac aims to reset Malaysia's tapau culture to reduce single-use plastic in the F&B industry. To date, they have successfully served hundreds of clients across 3 industries.

Heineken Malaysia

Heineken Malaysia is the leading brewer in the country, with a portfolio of iconic international brands that include Heineken®️, Tiger Beer, Guinness, Paulaner, Kilkenny, Apple Fox and more.

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