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Where would we be without our partners? Here's a list of all the fantastic partners, producers and service providers who have seen and shared Kita's vision and played a part in our festival coming to fruition.


Kita’s official booking partner in 2021, FunNow is an instant booking platform for all things entertainment and leisure all over the Asia Pacific. FunNow connects vendors to consumers for on-demand access to activities, experiences, getaways and events across the region. Download the app now for the best lifestyle deals and steals.

Tiffin At The Yard

KL’s culinary playground, Tiffin At The Yard, is pushing F&B boundaries in a reimagined, elevated urban food court that showcases new and exciting foodie experiences. With over 15 different concepts, pop-up dining, as well as cocktail, wine and beer bars, artisanal food markets and thematic events in a vibrant setting, Tiffin At The Yard is a culinary adventure for those who love to indulge in music, food, drinks and art.

Sentul Depot

Once the bustling locomotive storage and maintenance centre of the Federated Malay States Railways (FMSR), this 200,000 sq ft space made exceptional by timeless architecture, rustic beauty and breath-taking greenery all around is being creatively adapted into vibrant, urban, imaginative and versatile spaces fit for open markets, product launches, weddings, concerts, private or public events and more.

The Yum List

Based in Malaysia and curated by Monica Tindall, The Yum List is a quick resource of the best food, travel and fun around the world. As Kita’s official media partner, The Yum List especially celebrates sustainable, local produce and socially responsible practices such as reducing waste and upcycling.

Bombay Sapphire

Based on a 1761 recipe, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin is the world’s number one premium gin. It is created by perfectly balancing a unique combination of 10 hand-selected botanicals from around the world. The unique Vapour Infusion process skilfully captures the natural flavours of the botanicals resulting in the fresh and vibrant taste for which BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is synonymous.


Beyond a 100% compostable packaging company, Circlepac stays committed to boasting clients' brand stories for the environment through the art and education of sustainable packaging. Established during MCO 1.0 in July 2020, Circlepac aims to reset Malaysia's tapau culture to reduce single-use plastic in the F&B industry. To date, they have successfully served hundreds of clients across 3 industries.

Classic Fine Foods

With over 25 years of experience in ten different countries, Classic Fine Foods was established in Malaysia in 2001. Their philosophy is simple – to select exceptional, high-quality gourmet products from around the world and bring them to you. Classic Fine Foods partners with the best restaurants, hotels, cafés, catering establishments and department stores across the country.

Eka Marine

With more than 15 years of experience at selecting and supplying the freshest and most delicious wholesale seafood to our customers, Eka Marine understands your business and profitability needs. From fishermen to our customers and their customers, Eka Marine is committed is to providing the highest quality products and services at all times.

Minus 4°

Minus 4° focuses on serving handcrafted artisan ice creams and desserts. From best-selling classics like rum raisin and dark chocolate to more unconventional, experimental flavours inspired by co-founder Sarah Tan’s time in some of the finest kitchens in the country, each recipe is crafted with care and integrity without compromising ingredients or added additives — just real fruits, natural ingredients, relatively low sugar and wholesome goodness. After all, Minus 4° is about making life a little bit sweeter and cooler.

Secai Marche

Secai Marche is a Japanese/Malaysian Farm-Direct online platform which currently connects small scale farmers from Malaysia and Japan to consumers in Kuala Lumpur. The company’s aim is to help small-scale farms to become more economical, viable and sustainable by giving them direct access to hotels and restaurants as well as household cooks.


Inspired by Master Chef Tsutomo Furukawa, the tansho is a Japanese fire brick charcoal grill. Built with passion and very versatile, it is able to handle everything from Yakitori to Unagi, French to Italian to Nordic and molecular cuisine, searing, smoking and grilling at high temperatures and other unique techniques to bring out the best flavours from every ingredient.

Tiger Crystal

A light lager brewed with all-natural ingredients, Tiger Crystal is filtered at a crystal cold temperature of -1°C to lock in the most desirable flavours and aromas for the ultimate refreshment. The result is an easy-to-drink premium lager beer with low bitterness, an intensely refreshing taste and a smooth finish.

Weeds & More

Weeds&More is a farming collective growing specialised European produce in Malaysia’s cold climate Cameron Highlands for the hospitality industry in Singapore and Malaysia. The business started in 2011 aiming to replace high carbon-mile air-flown veg from Europe. Weeds and More work with four small ethical family-run farms to produce more than 70 varieties of certified organic and chemical free vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and garnish leaves.

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